Friday, January 14, 2011

Jom Study!

Alhamdulillah hari ini saya dapat mengupdate blog ni buat sekian lama la sgt~ blog ni x bagi saya menulis.huhu (x dpt nk sign in)
Ok lets story about what happened around us and what environment i have to go through this month..
Firstly..exam around cornerrrrrrrrrrrrrr..not so corner but i think its so near to me :(
hahaha (english degenerate like what my friend had told me before =( help me!!!help me!!help me!!help me!!)
Then i'm having homesick..blablabla~lalalalala~i need to go back to my home sweet home rite now ;P
Last but not least..please dont let your tear falling down just because of little thing..
1 drop of tear is not cheap as buying mandolin nus genih..hahaha xD
Please someone give me something to become more cheerful and forget all about sad memories..
Happy2 more words want to come out from my mouth because it will make my post become more bad..huhu what so ever~
Till now i write this because im jealous with my friend who write her post in english to improve her english which have degenerate..hahahahahaha xD so thanks to you..i will make you as my teacher to learn more about english...LEARN ENGLISH IS FUN!! its look like a campaign when you're in 6th grade T_T

p/s: To my dear friend who i force her to read this!!!..hehe~Please don't be mad at me because if you are, my english become more worst!! =,=''

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